Q: How can I get my mom/dad in here?

A: Fraser Health manages admission to funded suites, private-pay suites are managed by Morgan Place based on availability of beds.

Q: Do they have to share rooms?

A: Most rooms are single occupancy; there are 5 double rooms in Morgan Place (one on each unit). Typically, this is the first stop on admission and then transfer to a private room is arranged when one comes available.

Q: How big are the bedrooms?

A: Single rooms are approximately 215 square feet.

Q: If my parent comes in on a private-pay basis, can we later switch to a funded bed?

A: Transfer to a funded bed is possible by placing their name on a transfer list that is managed by Fraser Health. Morgan Place has no control over funded beds.

Q: How long will it take to qualify?

A: This is variable and there is no specific time scale.

Q: Do the residents have their own apartments?

A: Bedrooms are private with an ensuite bathroom, but lounges, dining areas and recreation areas are communal spaces that allow for greater social interaction.

Q: Will someone do my parent’s laundry?

A: Yes. Personal laundry is done on site for all long term care residents. There is one set of domestic washer and dryer available for convalescent care clients to do their personal laundry, and another set is available for long term care resident or their family to use should they wish to do so.

Q: Do you allow/have any pets?

A: Resident’s personal pet is not allowed. We have a resident cat and fish in an aquarium and in the garden pond. We have a visiting pet program in place.

Q: Do you have nurses on duty?

A: Morgan Place has professionally qualified nursing staff and certified care aides on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: How often are the rooms cleaned?

A: Light cleaning is done daily and total clean is performed weekly.

Q: How often is the laundry done?

A: Sheets are changed weekly or more often as the need determines and personal laundry is done when required.

Q: Can we hang pictures on the walls?

A: Hanging rails are installed in every bedroom and picture hooks are available for loan.

Q: Can we bring in our own furniture or bed?

A: Residents are encouraged to bring some small furniture to make their own room comfortable and feel at home as long as it does not cause a safety issue. However, the bed and any furniture supplied by Morgan Place will not be removed due to storage restrictions.

Q: Is there a weekly church service?

Non-denominational Christian services are held every Sunday.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Resident’s per diem or daily rate for a funded placement is set by Fraser Health calculated on the previous year’s income. Private-pay rates are available on request.

Q: Are there any other charges?

A: Subscription services such as newspapers, TV, telephone etc. are not included. Additional charges are for services such as dental care, foot care and hairdressing; specialized equipment or products specific to the individual; outings and specific activities.

Q: Is smoking allowed?

A: No. Morgan Place is a non-smoking care home.


Q: My parent will not remember to eat; will someone remind him when it is mealtime?

A: Certainly. All residents are accounted for at mealtimes.

Q: Will someone help my parent get to the dining room?

A: Staff will give residents any assistance required.

Q: How often will they be helped with a bath?

A: Bathing is scheduled and staff-assisted.

Q: My parent forgets to take her pills; will someone remind her?

A: The nurse on duty will ensure that prescribed medication is taken and recorded on the chart. Our contracted Pharmacy dispenses all medications, and the nurse on duty administers the medication according to the doctor’s order.

Q: My parent cannot dress herself; does the staff help?

A: Staff will assist where necessary.

Q: My parent will get lost; will someone help?

A: Morgan Place is a secure environment and designed for people to find directions easily. Staff will assist any resident who appears lost.

Q: My parent has Alzheimer’s disease. Do you take care of them?

A: Morgan Place provides care for Alzheimer’s disease and many other age-related conditions.

Q: Can we have lunch with the resident?

A: Visitor meals can be provided for a nominal charge and must be booked in advance with the receptionist.

Q: Can we take the resident out, or away for the weekend?

A: There are no restrictions on visiting hours. Residents may leave the facility with family or friends for any period of time but must take responsibility for prescribed medications. There is no reimbursement for rent during the period of absence.

Q: My parent is diabetic and has a special diet; will someone look after that?

A: A qualified nutritionist assesses all dietary needs for residents and the kitchen will provide any special diets as required.

Q: My parent likes to have a drink in the evening. Is this okay?

A: Alcoholic beverages cannot be stored in resident bedrooms but may be kept in Medication Rooms and (dispensed) by the nurse.

Q: My parent does not like pork. Will you provide him with a substitute?

A: There will always be a choice at the main meal.


Q: Are there any activities?

A: A program of activities and events is published each month for each Care Unit. In addition there are special functions such as bake sales and seasonally appropriate parties.

Q: Do you have a bus?

A: Morgan Place has its own bus which is shared with its sister facility, Fleetwood Place.